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Letter of Commendation from the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard
Received while assigned to Operation Eagle Host in Brunswick, Georgia. 

Noted in the Commendation:
"As an expert in software development and innovation, you developed two computer programs to help streamline vital operational processes during the G8 Summit."

Insurance Agent Gateway
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Web Based Insurance Quote, Bind and Invoice Policies Multiple Carriers, Multiple Lines of Business per Carrier.Fully automated process including the Bound Business Data pushed to the Carrier. We know what you need in Web based Insurance software. Fully Customizable; Have it your way!

Prepaid Legal Insurance Application
Web based Policy Management Manage Member/Attorney relationships Provides Group or Individual Membership Management

Insurance Agent Portal
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Web Based Insurance Quote, Bind and Invoice Policies 

Vehicle Dispatch Manager
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Tracks all aspects from scheduling through reimbursement of incurred expenses. Insures Operator Certification based on Vehicle requirements including Escort requirements.Maintains equipment hours of use for maintenance purposes. 

Small Arms and Weapons Management
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Utilized by the Coast Guard at 2004 G8 Summit, Sea Island, Georgia.

Speech-to-Text Translating Processor
US Patent No: 6,542,200

Closed Captioning device for various audio outputs with translation

Pre-IPO Investment Club
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Allows non-accredited investors to invest in Pre-IPO sales.

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